Recent Projects

Network Sense: Methods for Visualizing a Discipline is an in-progress book manuscript under contract with the Colorado State University Open Press's #writing Series.

Cross-Border Networks in Writing Studies is a collaborative monograph (with Louise Phelps, Andrea Williams, and Jen Clary-Lemon), released in March 2017 by Inkshed/Parlor.

On Friday, March 3, I delivered a talk and workshop, "Standing on the Shoulders of Networks," at Wayne State. The talk focused on datavisual modeling in disciplinary contexts.

What's Next

In Summer 2017 I am revising the blog and wiki for EMU's First-year Writing Program and anchoring the program's five core principles (rhetoric, process, conventions, multimodality, and reflection) to richer explanatory materials.

On Monday, May 8, I will give a talk and lead a workshop, "Veering Operations," at the University of Michigan. The presentation extends from the book's third chapter, "Turn Spotting," in its emphasis on discursive articulation as the primary catalyst for steering the field. The workshop will focus on a series of pedagogical activities and assignments premised on turn making.